Welcome to the Front Window

My mind is a busy little place.  It runs non-stop.  Picking up snippets of thoughts and ideas then turning them over and over like a rock in a tumbler, trying to polish them into something others will enjoy.

“The Front Window” will be your opportunity to look through my basket of polished rocks and see if something catches your eye.

The “Family Helps” category of this site will feature full length articles that are written to help individuals and families deal with complex problems.

Click on the category “Life in the Walton’s House” and you will read wry observations about living with three generations in the same house.

“Our Crazy World” will let you see how twisted my mind can be when making sense of life as we know it.

In “Life in a Small Town” you will read about the people and events that make life in a small town so unique.

Because sometimes I just can’t find a “category” for my musings, I created “The King of Randomness.”

So, welcome to my world!  Give me a second to clean my window with vinegar, water and newspaper (an old fashioned remedy).

Take a look.  Just don’t smudge the window with your noses.


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