The Ultimate Game Changer

Before the world was breathed into existence, the Holy Spirit, Christ, and The Father contemplated the plan for mankind.  At the forefront of their discussion was the means of redemption.

Knowing the prideful nature that lurks with every person, the Trinity knew people would be quick to believe they could make their own path of redemption and boast about it.  It was important for mankind to understand that they did not have the power within themselves to achieve redemption.

As a means of proving to the world the futility of trusting in themselves for salvation, a family, that became a nation, was chosen.  The father of this family was named Abraham.  The nation that evolved was called Israel.

These people would be a demonstration plot.  Careful documentation would be made that could be referred to over and over by those interested in understanding.

To show that following a human being would not save you, the Godhead gave this nation earthly kings.  Some of the kings were dedicated to following God and others had no regard for God or His ways.  As the kings went, so went the people who followed them.

Some of the kings strayed so far from God that those who followed them were carried away into captivity and never heard from again.  Their lineage to the original family was permanently severed.

Having an earthly king was not the answer.   Following a human would certainly result in disaster.

This nation was also given a law to follow; a strict set of detailed guidelines and prohibitions attached to severe punishments for infractions.

Initially mankind believed this law was a good thing.  It seemed simple enough.  Follow the rules to the letter and redemption could be claimed.

The only reason it seemed good to men was because of their pride.  They were eager to boast, “Look what I’ve done!  Look how good I am!”  Armed with their checklist of laws obeyed they would lord it over those who didn’t measure up to them.

And, over time, those “law keepers” became more important than the law itself, at least in their own small minds.

The biggest problem with the law was that no one – no one – could keep the law perfectly.  It was impossible.  A sense of hopelessness settled in on those trying to keep the law and on those watching the disappointment and guilt that followed those “law keepers.”

After 4,000+ years of trying, mankind fell to its collective knees from the futility of trying to making it on their own.  Following earthly leaders and following a strict law to the letter only led to disappointment.

All this was part of the plan of The Holy Trinity.

Perfect Divinity required perfection in order to justify granting redemption to fallen mankind.  Yet the means to perfection was kept secret by the Godhead.

And so it was that when mankind felt hopeless and helpless, it was the perfect time for revealing the means to perfection:  Perfection came to earth.

The Godhead agreed to send part of itself to the earth.  Christ agreed to be Immanuel (which means “God with us”).  He is the only man to walk this earth who can claim that he was God.  Many others have declared they were God, but Christ alone can rightfully claim the title, for that is who he was and is.

But it was the end of Christ’s earthly walk that was most significant.  His willingness to be sacrificed on a cross, the Father and Holy Spirit’s willingness to bear the sadness of seeing a part of them being wounded so, and then the triumphal resurrection from the grave – these are the elements that create the opportunity for redemption.

All this was made possible by the game changer – grace.  The offer of Christ was made without constraint.  It was given freely and it was given to all mankind.  Such is the nature of grace.

It was given not because of who we are but because of who God is.  It is because grace is the very nature of Trinity that a plan for redemption was implemented.

This is beautifully summed up in the words:  “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.  For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.”

Our response to the gift of grace is our choice.  If we embrace the gift by living a life of joyous devotion to God, redemption will be ours and our hearts will be continuously renewed every day.

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