These are some thoughtful ideas about repairing relationships.

Merry Meet Temple

We all have them.  Relationships that failed or just faded away.  Sometimes, these relationships no longer fit.  People grow apart, which makes the relationship easy to let go.  In other cases, especially with family, relationships fail miserably and a chasm develops.

Good fences separate properties.  They keep cattle in or out.  They make good neighbors.   When they fail, feelings get hurt.  Cattle herds get mixed up, or cattle get into the corn field.  Flower beds can be demolished.  The cattle need to be moved back to their field and the fence repaired.  This is how the saying “to mend fences” came into being.

When it comes to relationships, mending fences means there is a minor problem that requires work before the relationship can be healthy again.  Mending fences takes time, but is fairly easy.  The hard part is getting beyond hurt feelings so that everyone involved in the relationship…

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