If you’ve never tried the practice of visualization, this is a great example of how to do it. Some people call it a “vision board.” I encourage you to give it a try.

The Cathie Barash Blog

In the same way that positive thinking and affirmations lay the groundwork for creating a successful present and future, so does the practice of visualization. It is a way of adding mental pictures to the words you are saying and is therefore, another powerful tool for producing what you want. Visualization allows you to “see” what you want and believe it can be a reality by providing a mental “coming attraction” or rehearsal, for the new reality you’re creating.

For example, we did this when we were looking for a house several years ago. We pictured ourselves in our dream home and pasted the picture of a house we wanted onto a piece of paper for added emphasis. Then, we put the picture on the refrigerator with a positive statement underneath it that read, “We now live in a beautiful new home, in an environment we love, surrounded by terrific…

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