I encourage people to live IN the moment, not FOR the moment. Drink deeply of this moment. It’s all there is.

The Cathie Barash Blog

Many of us have probably had the experience of being instantly transported back in time, when we hear a certain song. That song seems to have the power to immediately reconnect us to a time and place when we first heard it and any associations surrounding it.

Or, we have certain songs that elicit a strong emotional response due to their beautiful lyrics, and are not necessarily associated with a past experience. For example, the song, I Hope You Dance, by Lee Ann Womack does that for me (abbreviated lyrics are listed below), and is not attached to a certain time or situation in my life specifically.

However, the wisdom and serenity in the words imparts many great messages such as:

  • Living in the moment
  • Letting go
  • Dancing or doing any activity that releases our cares
  • Remaining an active participant in our own life, despite any obstacles
  • Not letting lifeā€¦

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