Got a Blurb I Can Use?

How’s that for a title of an article? You know what “blurbs” are, don’t you? They are those short phrases you find on book jacket covers of “what others have said” about a particular book.
Well, I’m needing a few of those for my upcoming book that I’ll be publishing soon. It is entitled “Navigating the Passages of Marriage.” I’ve taken some of the most popular articles from my blog that apply specifically to marriage and arranged them in this book.
If you have read any of these articles:
Chapter One – Be Happy They Are Different
Chapter Two – Life Is Difficult Enough As It Is
Chapter Three – You Might Be Right (but it doesn’t matter)
Chapter Four – Don’t Let Your Rights Destroy Your Marriage
Chapter Five – Finding Peace
Chapter Six – Anyone Can Be A Critic
Chapter Seven – Be Sure Your Radar Is Working
Chapter Eight – Everything I Know about Marriage I Learned on a Teeter-Totter
Chapter Nine – Don’t Look for the Easy Way Out
Chapter Ten – Nine Words That Can Change Your Life
Chapter Eleven- It’s Not Always About You
Chapter Twelve- Reasons Marriages Crumble
Chapter Thirteen- Grace and Mercy in Marriage
and would like to give share a response to potential readers, send it to me via email or post it here in my website. Please do not put your post on my Facebook page. My email is
As I get closer to the publishing date, I’ll share more information with you.
Thanks in advance for your help

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