“Is There Any Hope for Me?”

It’s one of the most common questions I’m asked during the first session of therapy. Whether it is the couple who is on the verge of divorce, or the individual who suffers from severe bipolar disorder, or the one who has lived a life in addictions, or the person who is trying to find their path out of the ramifications of a chaotic childhood, they all want to know the same thing.
Most of them feel doomed, some of them from as far back as they can remember. They believe they are fatally flawed – unredeemable.
To be in a place of such hopelessness fatigues resolve and frays the fabric of souls. It is a dark, dark place. The cry of, “Is there any hope for me?” is the last gasp of the drowning man before he goes under for the third time.
That is when I am glad they have come to see me. I am the eternal optimist. I always think things can work out. For the sake of full disclosure it is fair to point out that I’ve been disappointed in outcomes at times. But still I maintain my optimistic outlook. And here’s why:
There are two things that cannot be quantified or measured. One is the power of the human spirit and the other is the power of God. When those two things work in conjunction with each other I’ve seen things accomplished that I never dreamed possible.
So, is there hope for you? Absolutely!
Do not, do not give up.

2 thoughts on ““Is There Any Hope for Me?”

  1. thanks. I needed that. Sometimes just the breath of optomism can do wonders, one positive voice out of a thundering of negativaty within the mind.

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