A New Political Party

I have been to workshops featuring Dr. David Mee-Lee, M.D.  His field of expertise is addictions.  But he emphasizes practical solutions to complex problems – this is where he excels.  He sends out a regular newsletter.  In the last one he closes with the interesting thoughts below.

He challenges us to redefine the word “compromise” and to reconsider how we approach problems in our country.  Take a listen:

I propose a new political party called the Compromise Party. I’m re-branding “compromise” that has become a bad word. The Compromise Party “com-promises” with others to brainstorm on solutions believing that no one person or party holds all truth. That’s “com-promises” as in communicate, community, come together to promise solutions that consider all sides of a challenge. Com-promise that brings together the best ideas no matter where they come from, so long as the outcomes solve the problems.

I know I am politically naïve and unrealistically idealistic about people of good will working together to com-promise rather than declare empty promises to score political points. My elevator speech (the way you quickly describe your values in the ride between the second and twelfth floor) is this: “I’m the Solutions Psychiatrist. I shrink problems not people.”

Here’s the new Party’s elevator speech: “We’re the Compromise Party.  We attack problems not people. We demonstrate for constructive collaboration not criticize for destructive demonization. We com-promise.”

One thought on “A New Political Party

  1. that sounds like the beginning of a beautiful relationship…..:) J. Noel Meredith: “When we are so thoroughly converted to the likeness of Christ that we genuinely love to do what he wants us to do and abhor with all our soul what he forbids us to do, we will enjoy freedom. For then our duty has become our desire” (A Commentary on Galatians, 173).

    In Christian Love, Lori


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