Stress Busters!

I regularly get requests from people and publications for tips on managing stress.  I get so many of them that I get stressed out!!  (Not really, but I couldn’t resist.)

So here it is.  My short and sweet list on what to do when stressed.

  1. Get Real – Don’t have the unrealistic goal of getting rid of all stress.  (The only time you will be stress free is when you are six feet under.  Sorry, but it’s true.

2.  Check Your Vision – View stress as an impetus for change, not something that is grinding you into the ground.

3.  Get Moving – Get some exercise, even if it’s only a brisk fifteen minute walk.

4.  Cut It Out – What are you putting into your body?  Avoid caffeine, alcohol, drugs, fatty foods, and sugars. 

5.  Get a Pen and Paper – Do some journaling.  Not with a computer.  An actual hand-held pen and real paper is best.

6.  Be A Kid – Find a coloring book and color in it for twenty to thirty minutes.

7.  Get Wet – Take a relaxing bath.  Lock the door.  No interruptions allowed!

8.  Unplug Your Ears – Listen to some soothing, relaxing music.

9.  No News Is Good News – Avoid the news, whether t.v., electronic, or paper.  (It’s always bad news!)

10.  Be Creative – Draw, sing, make pottery, do a craft, build a project. 

And my Bonus Suggestion: 

Prayer and meditation.

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