Reconciliation Day

The advice columnist, Ann Landers, once wrote a column many years ago suggesting “Reconciliation Day” for everyone who had had a misunderstanding with a friend or family member.  Read what happened to a family who tried it out:


Your column on “Reconciliation Day” changed my life.  But let me start at the beginning.

My brother and I were born only twenty months apart.  Mom dressed us alike and many thought we were twins.

“Tommy” was better at basketball, but I was better at soccer.  He played a great trombone and I was pretty good on the drums.  I was lousy in English and he did my homework.  He wasn’t so hot in math so I help him out.  We were competitive, like most brothers, but there were never any serious fights or arguments.  The only big falling out was over a girl.  Tommy was nutty about her but she liked me better.

It was always understood that  my brother and I would go into the family business started by our grandfather.  We knew something about it, having worked there most summers since we were teenagers.  Tommy (being older) went in first.  I decided to take a year off after college and travel.  While I was in South America, dad died suddenly of a heart attack.  When I came home for the funeral, I got the shock of my life.  He did not have a will.  Mom inherited everything.  She was very fond of Tom’s wife and didn’t care much for mine, so the long and short of it was that I was out of luck.

My wife and I decided to move out of town, borrow some money from her father and start our own business.  We cut all family ties.

Ten years passed.  Mom died.  We did not go to her funeral.  I was angry and bitter, having felt that I had been cheated.

Two weeks ago I received a copy of your column on reconciliation from Tommy.  Across the top he had written, “I miss you.  Please call me.”  That very evening I called and we both cried.  The following weekend he and his wife and their two kids came to see us.  It was my birthday.  That was the greatest gift I have ever received in my life.  Thank you Ann Landers!

Has this story touched your heart?

Is there someone in your life that you need to reconcile with?

Do not hesitate another moment.  Pick up the phone and call them.  Print out this article and mail it to them.  Send the link to this article to them.

Be the first to extend the olive branch.

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