Your help will be appreciated

If you enjoy reading undiscovered authors, you should check out the site It is sponsored by HarperCollins as a means of letting authors attract agents and publishers. People upload their books to the site and people read and offer critiques of the books. It is all completely free (really!).
My book “Tucker’s Way” has been received really well and gotten some positive reviews, but for it to climb further up the rankings I need more people’s support. If you will, go to the site and register (create a name and password), then do a search for my book. Once you find it,click on “back the book.”
I encourage you to check out all the books on the site. Some are excellent. Of course there are some that are what I would call worthless drivel.  Kind of like strolling through a book store or library.  You have to search to find something you like.
Thanks for your help!

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