David Johnson Releases His Third Tucker Book

Book CoverFans of David’s popular “Tucker” series have been clamoring for another sequel.  With the release of “An Unexpected Frost” they finally have what they’ve been waiting for, and they won’t be disappointed!

In book three of the Tucker saga, Tucker faces the biggest crises of her life. Her life skills are stretched to the breaking point.

Tucker’s grandson disappears and the bank threatens to forelcose on her farm.

At the same time, Tucker’s friend, Ella, is facing personal crises of her own.  The tether that ties the hearts of these two women is stretched to the breaking point. Smiley Carter does his best to keep the friendships intact.

Living in the midst of these emotional storms is April who struggles to find solace and comfort. The demons of regret and despair are beginning to haunt her dreams.

Tucker finds herself in a crisis of faith and asks the question, “Where is the person called God?!” 

Will her ties to her new found friends, Ella and Smiley Carter, be enough to help her survive?

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11 thoughts on “David Johnson Releases His Third Tucker Book

  1. Are you going to make a forth book where they find March? I really want to know what happened to him, I was hoping he would have come back just before Ella passed away. What happened to him? I loved the series by the way.

    1. Yes, Debbie. Book # 4, “April’s Rain,” will be released next month and will answer everyone’s question – “What happened to March?”
      Stay tuned.
      I’m glad you have enjoyed the series.

    1. Whew! You Tucker fans are a demanding and impatient bunch! lol
      I’m presently rewriting the first book, Tucker’s Way, broadening it and including more detail.
      I’ve also written about 10 chapters in the next book in the sequel. I’ve titled it “March On!”
      So it’s going to take me a bit to get all this sorted out.
      I’m happy you enjoy the books so much.

  2. Can’t wait for you to get “March On” finished and on Kindle. I am so happy you had “Tucker’s Way” on the kindle free list. I downloaded it and fell in love with her. I have since read all in that series and can’t wait to read “March On”. I have found so many authors I like from trying a free kindle book. Now get back to writing. 🙂

      1. I check weekly to see if “March On” is out yet. I will try to be patient. Just know I’m in love with Tucker and her family. I will wait while chewing my nails………

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