A Six-Point Plan to Avoid Having an Affair

No matter what eon of time you wish to point to, you will be able to find examples of people who faced sexual temptations.  In the Old Testament we read about the young man Joseph being enticed by his employer’s wife to have sex with her.  And even though Joseph lived thousands of years ago, his behavior is a good model to follow when you are tempted to have an affair. (You can read his story in Genesis chapter 39.)

  1. Know where your allegiance lies.  Remember that Joseph told Potiphar’s wife he could not “sin against God” by going to bed with her.  His loyalty was to God first.
  2. Just say no.  When Potiphar’s wife approached Joseph with the invitation to go to bed with her, the Bible says he refused.  He did not say, “Let me think about it,” or “I don’t know,” or “I’m confused.”  He simply and plainly said, “No.”
  3. Set your standards and let them be known.  Joseph wasn’t going to bed with Potiphar’s wife and he told her so.  He let her know what his beliefs were and didn’t make apologies for them.
  4. Avoid settings that invite temptation.  Joseph was afraid he might finally give in to Potiphar’s wife so he just avoided being around her at all.
  5. If you have to, just walk away.  Joseph jerked himself away from her, leaving his cloak in her hand, and ran to safety.
  6. Pray for God’s help.  God’s promise to help, if we ask for it in overcoming temptation, will always be answered.  We just have to be willing to look for that door of escape.

It’s also important to remember that even though having an affair is exciting, there is a shoreline of destruction awaiting you.  Several months ago I discovered a website hosted by a woman who had an affair.  It’s called “Persuaded2Go.”    Here is how she describes her site:

  • In this place I bare my soul. Naked identity hidden in the shadows of anonymity. Deepest thoughts plainly in sight. Discovering my life through the passions of writing, I offer you hidden insight gained from devastating choices, repentance, and learning to walk again. I live so that my children may live. I am here so you can see the imprint of my feet on the path and be encouraged to live with insight into where you are going, and who you really are.

Her articles are beautifully yet painfully written.  I’ve often recommended it to people who are dancing on the edge.

And here are some sad words from a friend of mine who made the mistake of having an affair:  “…from where I stand it feels like the big scarlet “A” is tattoed on my forehead lol… I never, ever could have imagined in my life the effect adultery/divorce would have. It never ends.”

2 thoughts on “A Six-Point Plan to Avoid Having an Affair

  1. I know the Scarlet A feeling but when you put all things back right, and keep them there, it starts to turn into a small a. If you care about never going there again the small a stays with you as your reminder of what you choose never to do again.

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