Hyenas Are No Laughing Matter

Do you know someone who is always complaining (howling)? and it doesn’t even have to be a full moon!  They are those difficult to deal with people who I call hyenas.

They have never had a pleasant day because nothing ever goes their way.  Don’t EVER ask them how their day’s been going because you could end up being cornered for a while as they hash and rehash a litany of complaints about their day.

Hyenas are often heard making rude comments about coworkers.

While everyone uses sarcasm occasionally, the hyena’s sarcasm is vicious and is used to cut someone to the quick.  If you ever tell them they’ve hurt your feelings, they will say, “I was only kidding.”

Because of their feelings of inferiority, they are always trying to make you look and feel foolish.

Ever the coward, most of their tactics are carried out behind your back.

What is the best way to deal with a hyena?

  • Acknowledge their feelings, but avoid joining with them in their complaining.  Hyenas like to run in packs and are looking for others to join them.  The Hyena might say to you, “Ross (the supervisor) is such an idiot.  I know more than he does about my job.”  Your response could be, “Sounds like you really don’t like Ross and wish he wasn’t your supervisor.”  Notice that you acknowledge the hyena’s feelings but you don’t chime in with them in complaining.
  • If you have a hyena that works for you, always ask them to put their complaint in writing.  The majority of the time, they will never do it.
  • Don’t agree with them just to pacify them.  If you make the mistake of agreeing with them in hopes that they will shut up and move on, you will be disappointed.  Remember, they have a pack mentality.  If you agree with them, then they feel emboldened to howl even louder.

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