Mission: Honduras – Day 3

“That evening after sunset the people brought to Jesus all the sick and demon-possessed.  The whole town gathered at the door, and Jesus healed many who had various diseases” (Mark 1:32-33).

100_2406In LaCinega, people walk for as much as three hours in one direction just for the opportunity to see a doctor who can treat their physical ailments.  Hundreds line up outside our makeshift exam rooms every morning and continue to stream in as the day progresses.

100_2387This is Nanbel Salgado, with her four children beside her.  Amber King, P.A., is examining her.  Nanbel’s chief complaint suggests a kidney infection.

100_2388She was prescribed some antibiotics and some ibuprofen for her discomfort.  This is a relatively simple problem in the United States, but not so in Honduras. Oftentimes, because of their ignorance, the people are fearful they are dying because of pain they feel in their body.  They, too, will fall victim to the same sort of gossip that happens in the U.S., namely, “I knew someone who had that sort of pain and they died!”

100_2404This young boy was fearful of having an instrument he’d never seen before touching his sore ear.  Amber was patient with him and helped him feel at ease so that she could determine what was wrong with him.

100_2402This is Estaban Salgado.

100_2403He is explaining to Dr. Shawn Jones, M.D. that his throat is hurting.  He said his chest felt fine, but his throat had pain.

100_2395Shawn took time to explain to him what his course of treatment would be and what he should expect as a result.

100_2400This young boy wanted to be checked out like everyone else was, though he felt fine.  The touch of a caring, human hand has the power of healing, too.

100_2398Those who are prescribed a medication will receive a paper prescription,

100_2416and walk forty feet to our pharmacy (“farmacia”).

100_2410Our ladies then check and recheck the doctor’s instructions.  The medications are put into a plastic ziplock bag, with instructions in Spanish placed on the outside.

100_2408Our interpreters make sure the Hondurans understand exactly how they are to take their medications.

100_2411Nanbel Salgado has arrived at the pharmacy and is waiting her turn to present to them her prescription.

100_2414This little girl is simply curious to see what happens when people go to the pharmacy.

Another serious health problem among the people is their dental health.  We have been making an effort in recent years to improve this by fluoriding the children’s teeth.

100_2418100_2419These are children who came with their families to the clinic at the church and got their teeth taken care of.  But we also go to six different schools and do the same thing for the students.

Tomorrow is the Lord’s Day, and we look forward to worshipping with our Honduran brothers and sisters.



2 thoughts on “Mission: Honduras – Day 3

  1. Thank you for sharing your journey with all of us. It brings attention to the poverty and living conditions to those who have never been to Honduras and other countries.

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