Mission: Honduras – Day 7

How does one feel at the end of Day 7 of the Honduras campaign?


0717131521[1]The pictures tell the story!

The next pictures show the scene that we drove up to as we arrived this morning to give away the food and clothing:




There were close to 500 people gathered.  Sadly, there are always more people present than we have food and clothing to give.  It is a heart wrenching experience to see someone in need and have nothing to give them.

After we gave away all of the benevolent bags full of food, clothing, etc., the team traveled to the construction site for the dedication ceremony for the new house that we built for Antonio and Eusebia Salgado and their family.

The finished house may look plain to us Americans, but it is priceless to these people.  (If you do not remember what the building site looked like before we began construction, go back and look at my Day 2 post.)





As we gathered with Antonio, we tried to encourage him with words that Solomon used when he dedicated the Temple.  Solomon asked the question, “But will God really dwell on earth?  The heavens, even the highest heaven, cannot contain you.  How much less this temple I have built!”

So the question was asked of Antonio, how can God dwell in your house?  The answer is, God will dwell in your house as long as God dwells in your heart.  And that was our final prayer for Antonio and Eusabia, that they would foremost keep God in their hearts.

While at the dedication, I was able to take a couple of photos of local Honduran preachers who have assisted us during our stay.


Left to right are Richard Ayala, Felipe Esquivel, and Tomas Ochoa.  Tomas is the local evangelist at La Cienega.  Felipe is an evangelist in Tegucigalpa.  And Richard is an evangelist in Ojojona.  Each of these men are excellent examples in their communities and in the church.  Their leadership, their devotion to God, their hearts for serving others make them an example to us all.

Tonight we will all share a common meal with all the Honduran workers and their families.  It will be a period of laughter, joy, sadness and tears because we all realize that it will be one year before we see each other again.

Tomorrow we will fly back home, but our hearts will still be full of Honduras.

My personal thanks to all who have prayed for me and for all the members of the Honduras team.

(I will have future posts on Honduras because it is impossible to tell and show all that needs to be told and shown in only seven short posts.)

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