Journal from Haiti #8, Final Entry

[My sister has been blogging about our mother’s work as a medical missionary. This particular story is both heartbreaking and shocking. I, like my sister, am amazed at the strength and bravery of my mother as she left the only world she’d ever known and went to live in Haiti and in Ghana, West Africa. I look forward to the day when I will see her and my dad again in heaven. – DJ]

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I’ve been sharing a journal kept by my mother, Martin Johnson, that chronicles six months she spent in Haiti from October, 1987 to February, 1988. She worked as an RN in a clinic sponsored by a non-profit located in Searcy, Arkansas. 

This journal documents Mama’s first residential work as a missionary nurse. She took a leave of absence from her job as a home health nurse in Weakley County, TN to see if she was physically and emotionally able to work and live in difficult circumstances. She began this journey just three years after her partner (in all ways), my father, died. Being a nurse who spent much of her time completing paper work was not satisfying her, and she was searching for a new challenge.

Jomba: A Happy Haitian      February 12, 1988

One day when arriving at the clinic we heard this fellow singing a hymn…

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