1,000 Reviews!


This past week my Tucker series passed the 1,000 mark on the total number of reviews posted on Amazon.com.  I’ve been told that it is quite rare for books to receive this many reviews. You can go to Amazon and read for yourself the specific comments people have been making.

The average grade given my books is 4.8 out of 5 stars, which is unbelievable.

When I began writing Tucker’s story three years ago, I had no expectation that:

  1. It would turn into a series.  (I’m currently writing book #5)
  2. It would be so popular.  (Over 100,000 copies)
  3. It would be read by people all over the world (Great Britain, Scotland, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada – they are the countries I know about)
  4. This family’s story would touch people in such a strong emotional way.

If you haven’t given the books a try, now is a good time to start.  ebooks or paperbacks are available on Amazon, the itunes store, and Barnes and Noble.  Paperbacks can also be ordered through my website www.davidjohnsonbooks.com

I thank God for the talent he has given me and for the blessing of that talent.  And I want to thank all the loyal readers of Tucker for making this such an enjoyable adventure.

23 thoughts on “1,000 Reviews!

  1. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the Tucker Series and looking forward for the next book. Hurry !!!!

  2. Have never been one to read, but when a great friend writes one it’s hard not to give it a try and oh! am I glad I did. I could not put the books down without reading the whole thing. I enjoyed them so much snd can hardly wait for the next one. I have even passed my around just so people can see what I’ve talked about. Thanks David snd hurry with the other one. Didn’t know I knew such a talented person, but I do and happy to call them terrific. D. Ramsay

  3. Loved the series cant wait until the new one is finished so you can start on number 6
    I can so relate the books to my own life.

  4. In today’s society a lot of dysfunctional people excuse their behaviour by abuse that has happened to them in childhood. Tucker managed to rise above her situation the best way she could. She was not perfect but then no one is. This series allows people to realize they don’t have to be victims. Keep up the wonderful stories

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