Tucker Travels to Amazon

My journey into the world of Amazon with my Tucker series continues to steamroll ahead.  I’ve been assigned an editor, a marketing manager, an operations manager, a production manager, and a copy editor.  There have been several conference calls between me and this team that is located in Seattle, Washington.  It has been quite an educational experience for me!

One thing I learned is that Amazon Publishing has several imprints, each of which specializes in specific types of literature.  Here is a link to their site: http://apub.com/imprints  My Tucker series will be published under their Lake Union imprint which specializes in contemporary and historical fiction.  The Lake Union name and logo will be what appears inside the books.

The first two books I wrote in the series, Tucker’s Way and For Tucker, are going to be combined into one book titled Tucker’s Way.  For Tucker never was a sufficient length to be considered a novel, so it just made sense to combine the two.  This means there will be four Tucker books launched by Lake Union: Tucker’s Way, An Unexpected Frost, April’s Rain, and March On!  The target date for the simultaneous release of all four is December 9, 2014.

That December date seems a long way away, doesn’t it?  Trust me, I will need that much time to meet all the deadlines imposed during this process.  Each of the books goes through an editing process four times!  That means me reviewing each of them and accepting or rejecting suggested changes.  It’s pretty time consuming.  Rest assured that nothing in the storyline of any of the books is going to change.  Neither is the southern flavor of the books.

There will be new cover designs for the books.  I look forward to seeing their ideas on that topic.

They have plans to do audio books and no current plans for hardback copies of the books. (Hardbacks are rarely cost effective.)  The main push will be with ebooks.  93% of all books sold today are ebooks.  Isn’t that astounding?!

Several people have asked if there will be more Tucker books after March On!  The answer is, yes.  I’m already working on another book.  Right now I have it titled:  Who Will Hear Me When I Cry?  It has a brand new character and family that hasn’t appeared in previous Tucker books.  I’m enjoying writing about them and am hoping it turns out as good as the other books.

I’m appreciative of all of you who have bought a Tucker book, written a review on Amazon, told others about the books, or sent me a word of encouragement.  It’s all of you who made it possible for Tucker to travel to Amazon.

13 thoughts on “Tucker Travels to Amazon

  1. So proud of you and all your hard work. We knew it would make it to BIG TIME, but just not this fast. So glad you’re writing some more about Tucker, can’t imagine not having one to look forward to. You’re one in a million and now Tucker is also. Sending love and happy sailing to you and your loving family!!!!! God bless!!!!!!!

  2. I am very excited for you with your Amazon endeavors. I have read all the Tucker series and I’m anxiously awsiting the next book! Please hurry! This is by far the best series if bioks that I have read and I read a lot. Msy God cintinue to bless your writings .

    A BookFriend

  3. Congratulations! I’m so glad that Tucker is continuing! I become so involved and feel like part of the family. I’m happy to hear of all good things going on in your career!

    Thanks Dave!

  4. Hi David,   The kids and grands are in bed here in Maryland, so I’m stealing a minute to catch up on a couple of emails.  Thanks so much for the update on all of this – I’ve been wondering how things were going with Amazon.  It all sounds so very exciting.  When can we pre-order the new books?  I can’t wait to see the final products.   Congratulations again on your venture with Amazon.    See you soon.   All the best, Katy   P.S.  No need to reply – I know you are busy and I won’t be on the computer again before I get back to TN.  Just wanted you to know how thrilled I am for you and Tucker!


  5. Hi David,
    I have read all of the Tucker series’ books. Your characters and the situations they experience seem real, making the story line appear authentic. I find myself cheering, yelling, crying, laughing as the scene dictates. Gosh, you’re good at what you do! I like to think that when an author evokes emotion from his reader he has done his job. Obviously, Amazon agrees.

  6. Just finished all four books in the Tucker series – excited to hear that there will be another book. Definitely will tell family & friends who share my enjoyment of reading that this series is well worth the time.

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