Deuces Are Wild

In a game of cards “deuces are wild” means that all “2’s” are wild cards.

In baseball “deuces are wild” means there are 2 runners on base, there are 2 outs in the inning, and the count is 2 balls and 2 strikes.

For me, “deuces are wild” refers to some pretty incredible news regarding my Tucker books. Recently they passed the 200,000 mark for the number of copies downloaded. I am dumbfounded by that! I have a pretty wild imagination (as evidenced by some of the plot lines in my books), but I never imagined so many, many people would find them entertaining. I am thankful to each and every person who has downloaded and read any of my books.

Also, recently the combined number of reviews posted on Amazon from all of my books passed the 2,000 mark. As I try to evaluate the significance of that number, I only have to click on other books on Amazon to see how many reviews they have generated. It’s almost impossible to find a book that has garnered the near 1,000 reviews that Tucker’s Way has. I truly believe God had a hand in helping me write stories that speak to people’s hearts and touch them in ways that compell them to share a review.

The last “2,” that may be the most important, is that in 2 months (December 9) all the books in the Tucker series will be re-launched by the Amazon Publishing imprint Lake Union. Putting my books into their hands was truly a leap of faith on my part, while for them it was probably a more well calculated venture. On Dec. 9, the Tucker series will no longer be a self-published enterprise. I’m nervous and excited about what the future may bring, but trust that whatever happens will be part of God’s plan.

I am deeply indebted to all the fans of Tucker. Your passion for her story is what is driving this train. Word of mouth is always the best marketing plan, and you have certainly been sharing with others how much you love these books. You need to think of yourselves as having started this journey with me from the ground floor. I hope you’ll stick around to see what happens next.

2 thoughts on “Deuces Are Wild

  1. David, I have just downloaded March On! and can’t wait to begin the fifth book in the Tucker series. I hope the series never ends as I feel a part of the “family”. Congratulations on reaching a new pinnacle in your writing career. You’ve only just begun 🙂 Karen


  2. I am so excited for and proud of you David! This is truly remarkable news. Many lives will be touched by your books, my prayer is that they will act on that by giving their life to Christ. Pray on and allow God to work through you dear friend!

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