Who is Tucker?

The most oft-asked question I get asked about my Tucker series is, “Is Tucker a real person?”  I really appreciate the question because it says that my writing has made Tucker so authentic and believable that, to the reader, she seems like a real person.  The truth though is that Tucker is not a story about a real person. 

Some people get a little upset when they find that out, and some people think I’m being less than honest.  They will insist, “Yes she is!” 

At the same time that I say Tucker is not a real person, I must add that everything about Tucker is real.  Her life experiences are real life experiences people have everyday.  It was very important to me to create a character that people could relate to on different levels, rather than a character that was so extreme it would be difficult to empathize with.

Tucker’s actual birth date is September 28, 2008.  At that time I was taking an online writing class through Long Ridge Writers Group.  My instructor was author Sylvie Kurtz.  My assignment was to create a character that was visually stunning and who would be difficult to forget.  That was when I first sketched a paragraph about a woman who eventually became Tucker.

When I’m asked to speak to groups about my books, I often say that seven years ago a woman came into my life and changed my life forever.  While I only say it that way for dramatic affect, there is a very real element of truth to it.  Little did I know that Tucker would take on a life of her own and demand that her story be told.

I, like most of my readers, love Tucker.  I find her grit and determination to overcome inspirational.  If you’ve never read her story, you are missing out on a real hero.

However, it’s one thing to create a character but an entirely different thing to create a story around that character. My next blog will be about how the story of Tucker came to be.

5 thoughts on “Who is Tucker?

  1. Tucker is a real life hero to me. She has so much personality. Looking forward to how you developed a story around her character.

  2. The minute I saw the picture of Tucker she was my grandmother. I am reading book 5 and have loved every minute of all Tucker books.

  3. Although Tucker may not be ‘real’, her character, determination, and persona are very real. She is the embodiment of many people from our lives, some we’ve met & some we will meet down the road. Tucker’s “life” is recreated in everyone who reads the stories about her. Everyone has a different interpretation of things, it’s what makes us individuals. This means that David’s “Tucker” can be recreated by all of us in sooo many different ways. But whoever she has been to you from book one, she will remain for the duration and only get better. Yes, we all love Tucker!!

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