Being Forged in the Furnace of Crisis

God gives us crises in order to shape us.

We are forged in the furnace of crisis so that we can be transformed, refined into a more perfect servant of God

A crisis can make us more focused on what’s really important.

It is a time to refocus and figure out who we are and what we’re really about.

Very often the crisis is about getting our life reorganized.

God doesn’t put us in a crisis to leave us in that crisis. He meets us in the crisis and gives us the opportunity to shift our focus from everything that was wrong and hurtful and that upsetting, so that we can say, “This was all about me getting closer to Jesus and what he can do to me, in me, and through me to mature me and thrust me into the lives of other people to bring light to Him, to bring glory to Jesus Christ.”

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