Life Through the Eyes of a Puppy

Aren’t you amazed at what tiny, seemingly insignificant things can excite a puppy? Here’s a very early scene from my soon to be released book, “Toby”, when he is first taken in as an orphan:
From the corner of his eye Toby notices a small tear in one of the blankets he’s sitting on. He turns and looks more directly at the frayed threads ringing the edges of the tear. He shifts his weight and the blanket moves. Immediately he pounces and attacks the edges of the hole, grabbing a mouthful of the loose threads. Growling, he shakes the blanket furiously. Pushing backward with all four feet he tries pulling it toward him. When it doesn’t budge, he lets go of it and bounces at it with stiff legs while barking at the same time. He stops and waits to see what will happen. When nothing moves, he eases forward and sniffs of the saliva soaked tear. Just as he does, his foot causes the blanket to barely move. Believing his quarry is still alive, Toby jumps backward and barks as ferociously as his puppy voice will allow him.

(release date is July 26. Pre-order your copy today from Amazon.)


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