The Ultimate Game Changer

Before the world was breathed into existence, the Holy Spirit, Christ, and The Father contemplated the plan for mankind.  At the forefront of their discussion was the means of redemption. Knowing the prideful nature that lurks with every person, the Trinity knew people would be quick to believe they could make their own path of … Continue reading The Ultimate Game Changer

Is Anything Possible?

Is Anything Possible? No one is a bigger believer in possibilities than I am.  You can’t do the kind of work of a Marriage and Family Therapist for very long unless you believe in possibilities, that change can happen, that people can achieve an improved level of functioning. Motivational speaker make fortunes by convincing people … Continue reading Is Anything Possible?

Six Steps to Freedom

Most Christian religions have a tradition that involves walking down the aisle at church to express a desire to commit their lives to God.  Some are eager to walk down that aisle, others are reluctant and still others postpone it indefinitely. I was at a service once in which a young person walked down the … Continue reading Six Steps to Freedom

Finding Our Way Back Home

Walking down the dusty road, Cleopas and his friend have little to say to each other.  Their collective heartache and disappointment weigh down their normally busy tongues.  For the past seven miles fewer than seven words had passed between them. The mountain city of Jerusalem’s beauty fades in the distance behind them.  They are halfway … Continue reading Finding Our Way Back Home


It was probably 20 or so years ago I had a conversation with a church leader who was telling me about the new preacher their church had hired.  One comment was very revealing in regards to his expectations of a preacher’s wife, “Our new preacher’s wife is really something.  We got a two-for-the-price-of-one when we … Continue reading THE PREACHER’S WIFE

Let a Blind Man Show the Way

Walking the Market Place in downtown Tegucigalpa, Honduras, Central America, I was assaulted by the cacophony of sounds – horns honking, salsa music blaring, people laughing, shouting, and talking. Trying to sort out the myriad of smells – diesel exhaust, fresh fruit, body odor, fresh flowers, perfume, spoiled garbage – was, at the same time, … Continue reading Let a Blind Man Show the Way

“The poor you have with you always.”

Then the King will say to those on his right, "Enter, you who are blessed by my Father!  Take what's coming to you in this kingdom.  It's been ready for you since the world's foundation.  And here's why: I was hungry and you fed me, I was thirsty and you gave me a drink, I … Continue reading “The poor you have with you always.”

I forgot about His tears

It was a dark night.  Not the kind of dark created by a moonless night when the stars are hidden behind the clouds.  It was the kind of dark created by sadness when hope is hidden behind the clouds of despair. A loved one of mine was lost. Not that I couldn’t find her. The … Continue reading I forgot about His tears