I’m sending my car to traffic school!

The town I live in, like many communities, (and like me) has a hard time making ends meet.  Our mayor has decided to reject the time honored way of increasing revenues by raising taxes, thereby avoiding a revolt that would result in people throwing their horse feed and other food staples into the Obion River. … Continue reading I’m sending my car to traffic school!

The Hitching Rail

A lot of you reading this have no idea what it is like to live in a town of 5,000 people.  You probably have lots of preconceived ideas about what life in such a small town must be like.  Some of your notions may be accurate.  But there are some things about life in a … Continue reading The Hitching Rail

The Hairy Catfish Caper

Patrick had an easy smile and a winning way about him.  He was easy to like.  But his Achilles heel was his gullibility.  Not that being gullible is a bad thing.  As a matter of fact it can often be an endearing quality. However, for a pair of pranksters like Jim and me, taking advantage … Continue reading The Hairy Catfish Caper


The sun is brushing the tops of the tall oak trees with its soft, golden rays, on its way to its nightly slumber, as people began filtering in to the city park.  Charcoal grills filled with hamburgers and hotdogs fill the air with a familiar scent.  Memories are triggered of young boys and small campfires; … Continue reading FOURTH OF JULY