Obesity Overtakes the Easter Bunny

When I was growing up (whenever you start a sentence with that phrase you immediately date yourself and people under the age of thirty stop reading) the non-religious celebration of Easter involved seeing what kind of new hats ladies would wear to church.  The ladies worked hard to strike a balance between choosing a hat … Continue reading Obesity Overtakes the Easter Bunny

Don’t Pay Them What They Are Worth

I think everyone will have to agree that salaries are frequently disproportionate to the worth of the employee. We read about professional athletes receiving ten million dollars a year, Wall Street executives receiving million dollar bonuses, and oil company chiefs receiving multi-million dollar bonuses. All this while we continue to go through the worst economic … Continue reading Don’t Pay Them What They Are Worth

“Ah ooo boh dow?”

Standing on the seat in the pontoon boat, I frantically wave my white t-shirt.  I yell as loud as I can, looking like Tom Hanks in the movie “Cast Away.” Brenda and I have been anchorless and without a motor for five hours.  We’ve been pushed from one side of Kentucky Lake to another by … Continue reading “Ah ooo boh dow?”