When my prejudice was exposed (stories with heart #5)

(Every year or so I like to share this true story, a story of when I saw myself in a mirror and didn't like what I saw.) It is easy to be deluded into thinking that you know yourself, especially at the age of fifteen.  But events can suddenly thrust you into a set of … Continue reading When my prejudice was exposed (stories with heart #5)

New Year, New Start

2019 is just a few days away, and everyone is focused on making New Year's Resolutions.  But before you make those resolutions, let me suggest that you get rid of these four things first: Regrets - You know all those mistakes you made in 2018?  The things you should have done or said and the … Continue reading New Year, New Start

Stories With Heart (#3) – She was a long shot

[I share the following story with permission] It is an amazing and mysterious process that brings us into contact with people who influence and affect our lives. In 1951 an illegitimate child was born that was not wanted, so the mother left her in the hospital where she was taken care of by nurses. Six weeks … Continue reading Stories With Heart (#3) – She was a long shot

When Life Shatters Your Heart

April 13, 2002, is a day that will forever be etched into the fabric of our family history. On that day my sister, Joy Martell Souder, lost her only child, Jennifer, when she had a freak fall while hiking with her fiancé. Since that day, life has never been the same for my sister and … Continue reading When Life Shatters Your Heart

Ransom’s Law: Chapter One

Using the tip of his index finger, eleven-year-old Junior Ransom traces the edge of the hammer and the smooth handle of the pistol as it rests snuggly in its worn, leather holster hanging on the bedpost of his sleeping father’s bed. Kerzzan, Junior’s mixed-breed, long-haired dog, sits at attention beside him, watching his every move. … Continue reading Ransom’s Law: Chapter One

The Story Behind the Story: An Unexpected Frost

[SPOILER ALERT] I’ve always thought of the Tucker series in these terms: Tucker’s Way is a challenging story; An Unexpected Frost is a sad story; April’s Rain is a forgiving story; March On is a dark story; and Who Will Hear Me When I Cry is a sweet story. Tucker’s Way was about whether or … Continue reading The Story Behind the Story: An Unexpected Frost