The Eerie, Snaky, Mysterious Obion River

If you've read any of my books, you know that the Obion River (that's pronounced [o - BI (long I sound) - yun] flows through all of them and plays a significant role in the story line. My newest book, Toby, is no exception. Although most of my stories are completely fictional, the Obion River … Continue reading The Eerie, Snaky, Mysterious Obion River

Reelfoot Lake

Much of the action in my book "March On" centers on and around Reelfoot Lake, located in the far northwest corner of Tennessee.  Reelfoot Lake was created by a series of earthquakes that occurred during 1811 and 1812, with seismic waves so strong that they were felt in Quebec Canada.  Legend has it that the … Continue reading Reelfoot Lake