The Two Most Important Things All Children Need

Number One – To Know They Are Loved.  This forms the basis for a child's sense of self.  They need to be both told and shown they are loved.  You cannot overdo this one. Sometimes men will tell me saying I love you to their child is something they are not comfortable doing.  Usually their … Continue reading The Two Most Important Things All Children Need

Breaking Free of the Chameleon Life

“To live life based on the expectations of others, is to live the life of a chameleon; constantly trying to read situations and become whatever they are expected to be.  The problem with the life of a chameleon is one never knows who they really are.” People’s strong, positive reaction to the above paragraph (and … Continue reading Breaking Free of the Chameleon Life

Embracing Your Circle of Control

My ten-year-old daughter, Rebekah, squatted beside me in the shade of the plum tree in our back yard.  I was scrubbing my soaked and soaped hunting dog, Susie.  My labored breathing and mumbling through gritted teeth made my attitude of exasperation palpable.  I hadn’t planned on bathing my dog when I came home for lunch … Continue reading Embracing Your Circle of Control