What do you do with a wildebeest?

What you see in the picture above is rather unusual - live wildebeests.  Usually they are the animals that we watch being dragged down by a cheetah, lion, alligator or some other carnivorous animal.  Or we grab the remote and quickly turn the channel in disgust at a closeup of a pack of hyenas dismembering … Continue reading What do you do with a wildebeest?

The Irritating Side of a Golden Retriever

You may be surprised to find me using a Golden Retriever as a personality type in my series on Dealing With Difficult People, especially if you know me personally and know that I have owned two Golden Retrievers and how much I love the breed. I'm also aware of Gary Smalley's breakdown of personality types … Continue reading The Irritating Side of a Golden Retriever

Listen to the Lion’s Roar

Is there someone in your life who has a know-it-all attitude?  There is no topic you can bring up that they don't know something about it and usually talk like they are an expert on the subject. I call this type of prickly personality The Lion because they walk around acting like they are the … Continue reading Listen to the Lion’s Roar

Seen A Rhinoceros Lately?

Is your supervisor a rhinoceros?  What about your spouse?  Or perhaps it's a coworker. You know the kind I'm talking about.  They are confrontational, pointed and angry.  Intimidation and threats are their favorite weapons.  And they are very pushy! Everyone knows when Bill arrives at work.  He doesn't walk into a room.  He knocks the … Continue reading Seen A Rhinoceros Lately?