Watch Out for Satan’s “But”

The smell of sulphur fills the air when his parched, cracked lips open and he speaks.  His voice is low and gravely, its pitch indistinct.  Yet our senses are oblivious to these disgusting warning signs.  In our ears we hear the voice of reason that seems to come from our own mind. That's the power … Continue reading Watch Out for Satan’s “But”

“Is There Any Hope for Me?”

It's one of the most common questions I'm asked during the first session of therapy. Whether it is the couple who is on the verge of divorce, or the individual who suffers from severe bipolar disorder, or the one who has lived a life in addictions, or the person who is trying to find their … Continue reading “Is There Any Hope for Me?”

“You must spare his life.

In the epic battle between God and Satan for your soul, you should remember that it is a rigged fight.  There is nothing fair about it.  Satan is fighting with one arm tied behind his back. When Satan received permission from God to tempt Job to turn away from God, he must have rubbed his … Continue reading “You must spare his life.

Grace and Mercy in Marriage

Grace and Mercy in Marriage “Use your marriage as a place to extend the same grace and mercy that you have received from God.” Arrogance and a sense of entitlement fuel his behavior.  Eager to prove himself, he casts aside everything that he’s been taught about right and wrong.  He doesn’t care who he hurts.  … Continue reading Grace and Mercy in Marriage