“But I tried my best!”

We looked at each other through the squares in the chain link fence that separated us. Her hazel eyes were swimming in the pool of tears that had collected in her bottom eyelid.  The rising color in her cheeks and the tremble in her voice told me she was right at the edge of coming … Continue reading “But I tried my best!”

“When Am I Going to Get Over This?

As Reggie sits across from me I watch him sit forward on the edge of his chair.  His head is bowed.  The frayed and stained Atlanta Braves baseball cap indicates his cap is not for decorations.  It's part of his daily wardrobe, used to keep his eyes shielded from the glaring sun as he works … Continue reading “When Am I Going to Get Over This?

I Give Up

Answering the knock on my office door, I open it to find a modestly dressed man and woman in their forty’s.  Before I can welcome them, the man thrusts his meaty hand toward me. Shaking my hand so hard that my shoulder feels like it will unhinge, he says enthusiastically, “You must be David.  My … Continue reading I Give Up

Finding Our Way Back Home

Walking down the dusty road, Cleopas and his friend have little to say to each other.  Their collective heartache and disappointment weigh down their normally busy tongues.  For the past seven miles fewer than seven words had passed between them. The mountain city of Jerusalem’s beauty fades in the distance behind them.  They are halfway … Continue reading Finding Our Way Back Home

To be a father….

•To be a father is to hold hands with your past, present, and future all at the same time. •To be a father is to be brave and to be afraid.  To have answers and to know nothing.  To be proud and to be disappointed.  To be full of joy and to be filled with … Continue reading To be a father….