What You Can Learn About Someone by Going Through Their Trash

"Our trash is our testament; what we throw away says much about our values, habits, and lives."  This is a quote from SAGE's Encyclopedia of Consumption and Waste.  On the website of Drew University's Department of Sociology is this tidbit - "Garbage is the other side of culture. Our garbage and our waste can be … Continue reading What You Can Learn About Someone by Going Through Their Trash

“When Am I Going to Get Over This?

As Reggie sits across from me I watch him sit forward on the edge of his chair.  His head is bowed.  The frayed and stained Atlanta Braves baseball cap indicates his cap is not for decorations.  It's part of his daily wardrobe, used to keep his eyes shielded from the glaring sun as he works … Continue reading “When Am I Going to Get Over This?


Sometimes couples' problems seem so intractable to them that the question of separation arises.  When I'm asked that question during a counseling session I get the feeling of standing on a very high precipice.  Emotionally I hold my breath for fear of saying the wrong thing. Separation is a make-or-break kind of maneuver and therefore … Continue reading “SHOULD WE SEPARATE?”


“Be sensitive to the needs of your spouse.” Ending the call on her cell phone, Raquel rolls over and slowly places it on the bedside table. In a voice muffled by the bed covers, her husband, Tom, asks, “What was that?” In a voice devoid of expression, Raquel says, “It’s over.” Shifting until he is … Continue reading BE SURE YOUR RADAR IS WORKING

Diseased Relationships

Walking across our yard to the barn, the crunching grass lets me know there has been a frost during the night.  Wrapping both hands around the large, warm milk bottle, I feel it chase away the chill of the autumn air. At thirteen years old my mind is on other things, so the fact that … Continue reading Diseased Relationships

Blended Families: “Growing Up” Together (via Docellie’s Blog)

I think everyone will benefit from the ideas in this blog. Everyone is met with the challenges of blended family at some point and at some level in life. Traditional marriage is losing popularity; gay marriage is gaining popularity; more than half of second marriages fail; more than half the families in the United States … Continue reading Blended Families: “Growing Up” Together (via Docellie’s Blog)