Stories With Heart (#3) – She was a long shot

[I share the following story with permission] It is an amazing and mysterious process that brings us into contact with people who influence and affect our lives. In 1951 an illegitimate child was born that was not wanted, so the mother left her in the hospital where she was taken care of by nurses. Six weeks … Continue reading Stories With Heart (#3) – She was a long shot

If Today is My Last Day on Earth

I’m sure you’ve read articles admonishing you to live each day as if it were your last day on earth. In that context, we are oftentimes made to feel guilty for: Fussing at the kids about not picking up their toys Focusing on keeping the house neat and clean Investing so much time in our … Continue reading If Today is My Last Day on Earth

Love Finds A Way

Pulling into mother’s driveway, my headlights sweep across the front of her house.  It’s my regular Wednesday night visit to check and see how she is doing. After daddy died ten years earlier, she moved to the town where I live.  My weekly visits are not because she is scared to be alone or is … Continue reading Love Finds A Way

Sidney Poitier, Me, and the “N” word

"Isn't he that nigger actor?" Yes, I meant to type that exactly as you see it.  But hammering it out on my keyboard felt like hammering tin on a barn roof; it left me feeling bruised and bleeding. To find the guilty source for the kind of language used in the question, you have to … Continue reading Sidney Poitier, Me, and the “N” word

Reconciliation Day

The advice columnist, Ann Landers, once wrote a column many years ago suggesting "Reconciliation Day" for everyone who had had a misunderstanding with a friend or family member.  Read what happened to a family who tried it out: DEAR ANN: Your column on "Reconciliation Day" changed my life.  But let me start at the beginning. … Continue reading Reconciliation Day

Watch Out for Satan’s “But”

The smell of sulphur fills the air when his parched, cracked lips open and he speaks.  His voice is low and gravely, its pitch indistinct.  Yet our senses are oblivious to these disgusting warning signs.  In our ears we hear the voice of reason that seems to come from our own mind. That's the power … Continue reading Watch Out for Satan’s “But”

Grace and Mercy in Marriage

Grace and Mercy in Marriage “Use your marriage as a place to extend the same grace and mercy that you have received from God.” Arrogance and a sense of entitlement fuel his behavior.  Eager to prove himself, he casts aside everything that he’s been taught about right and wrong.  He doesn’t care who he hurts.  … Continue reading Grace and Mercy in Marriage

It Was His Passion

“The Passion of the Christ.” It is a phrase we hear frequently this time of year.  It is a reference to the trial, torture, crucifixion, death, burial and resurrection of Jesus.  Yet we attach the word “passion” to describe it.  Jesus was passionate?! How could he be passionate about: a riged trial being scourged having … Continue reading It Was His Passion