War Cry – September, 2015

War Cry, the magazine published by the Salvation Army recently selected my article "God, Where Are You?" as a feature for the September edition.  I've always appreciated the Salvation Army's mission of offering help and hope to the downtrodden of the world: the homeless, those battling addictions, or those who are recovering from life's storms. … Continue reading War Cry – September, 2015

Where Is God When I Can’t Find Him?

Have you ever felt alone, abandoned even by God?  Or have you questioned why bad things happen to good people?  Are there times you struggle to make sense of world events and the evil that exists in it?  Perhaps you've asked how can God allow unspeakable acts to occur? None of us can escape the … Continue reading Where Is God When I Can’t Find Him?

“I think I’ll have an affair.”

Of the countless people I've counseled over the years who have had affairs, I've never known one who one day woke up and said, "I think I'll have an affair."  But all of them woke up one day, looked in the mirror and said, "I'm in the middle of an affair."  Most affairs evolve over … Continue reading “I think I’ll have an affair.”

Is Anything Possible?

Is Anything Possible? No one is a bigger believer in possibilities than I am.  You can’t do the kind of work of a Marriage and Family Therapist for very long unless you believe in possibilities, that change can happen, that people can achieve an improved level of functioning. Motivational speaker make fortunes by convincing people … Continue reading Is Anything Possible?