Sidney Poitier, Me, and the “N” word

"Isn't he that nigger actor?" Yes, I meant to type that exactly as you see it.  But hammering it out on my keyboard felt like hammering tin on a barn roof; it left me feeling bruised and bleeding. To find the guilty source for the kind of language used in the question, you have to … Continue reading Sidney Poitier, Me, and the “N” word

Watch Out for Satan’s “But”

The smell of sulphur fills the air when his parched, cracked lips open and he speaks.  His voice is low and gravely, its pitch indistinct.  Yet our senses are oblivious to these disgusting warning signs.  In our ears we hear the voice of reason that seems to come from our own mind. That's the power … Continue reading Watch Out for Satan’s “But”

Grace and Mercy in Marriage

Grace and Mercy in Marriage “Use your marriage as a place to extend the same grace and mercy that you have received from God.” Arrogance and a sense of entitlement fuel his behavior.  Eager to prove himself, he casts aside everything that he’s been taught about right and wrong.  He doesn’t care who he hurts.  … Continue reading Grace and Mercy in Marriage

The Ultimate Game Changer

Before the world was breathed into existence, the Holy Spirit, Christ, and The Father contemplated the plan for mankind.  At the forefront of their discussion was the means of redemption. Knowing the prideful nature that lurks with every person, the Trinity knew people would be quick to believe they could make their own path of … Continue reading The Ultimate Game Changer

Things We Can Be Sure Of

Our world seems to be one that is full of uncertainty.  Governments and institutions fail us.  Marriage and families fails us.  Corporations fail us.  Even those Michelin tires occasionally go flat! All this uncertainty breeds anxiety and fearfulness.  We become suspicious of everything and everyone. Before you decide to retreat from the world and live … Continue reading Things We Can Be Sure Of