Reconciliation Day

The advice columnist, Ann Landers, once wrote a column many years ago suggesting "Reconciliation Day" for everyone who had had a misunderstanding with a friend or family member.  Read what happened to a family who tried it out: DEAR ANN: Your column on "Reconciliation Day" changed my life.  But let me start at the beginning. … Continue reading Reconciliation Day

Grace and Mercy in Marriage

Grace and Mercy in Marriage “Use your marriage as a place to extend the same grace and mercy that you have received from God.” Arrogance and a sense of entitlement fuel his behavior.  Eager to prove himself, he casts aside everything that he’s been taught about right and wrong.  He doesn’t care who he hurts.  … Continue reading Grace and Mercy in Marriage

Breaking Free of the Chameleon Life

“To live life based on the expectations of others, is to live the life of a chameleon; constantly trying to read situations and become whatever they are expected to be.  The problem with the life of a chameleon is one never knows who they really are.” People’s strong, positive reaction to the above paragraph (and … Continue reading Breaking Free of the Chameleon Life


It was probably 20 or so years ago I had a conversation with a church leader who was telling me about the new preacher their church had hired.  One comment was very revealing in regards to his expectations of a preacher’s wife, “Our new preacher’s wife is really something.  We got a two-for-the-price-of-one when we … Continue reading THE PREACHER’S WIFE