Focus On What You Know

An anxious brain is a busy brain. It can't sit still and be quiet. Instead, it scurries around picking up any tiny thing it can find and starts picking it apart, looking for something to worry about. The anxious brain makes mountains out of molehills by telling you lie after lie.So, here's today's suggestion: FOCUS ON … Continue reading Focus On What You Know

Breathe Your Anxiety Away

When your anxiety is high, your body reacts by increasing your heart rate and blood pressure and quickening your breathing, which triggers a release of adrenalin. All of which makes your anxiety worse, which makes those symptoms worse, etc. So, IF YOU CAN CONTROL YOUR BREATHING, YOU CAN CONTROL YOUR ANXIETY. I'm going to give you an … Continue reading Breathe Your Anxiety Away

Try a ‘Worry Hour’

One thing you must remember is that ANXIETY AND WORRY feed off each other. More anxiety = more worry. More worry = more anxiety.It is NOT helpful to tell someone to quit worrying. And, trust me, it is VERY difficult to teach someone to not worry.But there is a technique you can practice that will keep … Continue reading Try a ‘Worry Hour’