When Life Shatters Your Heart

April 13, 2002, is a day that will forever be etched into the fabric of our family history. On that day my sister, Joy Martell Souder, lost her only child, Jennifer, when she had a freak fall while hiking with her fiancé. Since that day, life has never been the same for my sister and … Continue reading When Life Shatters Your Heart

War Cry – September, 2015

War Cry, the magazine published by the Salvation Army recently selected my article "God, Where Are You?" as a feature for the September edition.  I've always appreciated the Salvation Army's mission of offering help and hope to the downtrodden of the world: the homeless, those battling addictions, or those who are recovering from life's storms. … Continue reading War Cry – September, 2015

We’re Most Comfortable With Whatever We’re Most Familiar With

It's a fascinating principle of human behavior that we are often most comfortable with whatever we are most familiar with – even if we don't like it. One simple way to illustrate this is when I hand you a pen and paper and ask you to write your name.  Without a conscious thought you will … Continue reading We’re Most Comfortable With Whatever We’re Most Familiar With

Watch Out for Satan’s “But”

The smell of sulphur fills the air when his parched, cracked lips open and he speaks.  His voice is low and gravely, its pitch indistinct.  Yet our senses are oblivious to these disgusting warning signs.  In our ears we hear the voice of reason that seems to come from our own mind. That's the power … Continue reading Watch Out for Satan’s “But”