20,000 Kisses!

If a potential employer told you you had to do something 20,000 times, you'd probably decline the job offer.  How boringly repetitious "20,000" sounds!  It would be mind numbing, right? Little did I know that that was what I was getting myself into when I married forty years ago, January 5, 1973.  It began as … Continue reading 20,000 Kisses!

The Two Most Important Things All Children Need

Number One – To Know They Are Loved.  This forms the basis for a child's sense of self.  They need to be both told and shown they are loved.  You cannot overdo this one. Sometimes men will tell me saying I love you to their child is something they are not comfortable doing.  Usually their … Continue reading The Two Most Important Things All Children Need

Nine Words That Can Change Your Life

The plot was planned carefully and carried out perfectly. It involved deceit, lies, theft, and betrayal. The behaviors were the product of a narcissistic, prideful, cold, insensitive heart. The results were injury, devastation, anger, and bitterness.  Some died with their broken heart unmended. But the alluring, coveted prize turned to wormwood.  The sweet taste of … Continue reading Nine Words That Can Change Your Life

To be a father….

•To be a father is to hold hands with your past, present, and future all at the same time. •To be a father is to be brave and to be afraid.  To have answers and to know nothing.  To be proud and to be disappointed.  To be full of joy and to be filled with … Continue reading To be a father….

I forgot about His tears

It was a dark night.  Not the kind of dark created by a moonless night when the stars are hidden behind the clouds.  It was the kind of dark created by sadness when hope is hidden behind the clouds of despair. A loved one of mine was lost. Not that I couldn’t find her. The … Continue reading I forgot about His tears

How to Install Love

(I wish I knew who the author of this is so I could give them credit.  It's a novel way to think about a life transforming activity.  Enjoy!) Tech Support: Yes Sir/Ma’am…, How can I help you? Customer: Well, after much consideration, I’ve decided to install Love. Can you guide me though the process? Tech … Continue reading How to Install Love