Stories With Heart (#3) – She was a long shot

[I share the following story with permission] It is an amazing and mysterious process that brings us into contact with people who influence and affect our lives. In 1951 an illegitimate child was born that was not wanted, so the mother left her in the hospital where she was taken care of by nurses. Six weeks … Continue reading Stories With Heart (#3) – She was a long shot

Self Improvement or Self Acceptance

Self Acceptance or Self Improvement Climbing the stairs to coach Gibson's office, I wonder what I'm in trouble for.  I grew up in a time when, at age fifteen, you always assumed you were in trouble if you were called to someone's office.  This is in sharp contrast to today's youth who assume they are … Continue reading Self Improvement or Self Acceptance

The Selfishness of Junior Seau

All I know about former NFL player Junior Seau is what I saw when he played and what others, who knew him, said about him. Intense, ferocious, unrelenting, and passionate describe the All Pro player he was on the field. Sensitive, compassionate, helpful, and understanding were the qualities that many saw when Junior was off … Continue reading The Selfishness of Junior Seau

Blended Families: “Growing Up” Together (via Docellie’s Blog)

I think everyone will benefit from the ideas in this blog. Everyone is met with the challenges of blended family at some point and at some level in life. Traditional marriage is losing popularity; gay marriage is gaining popularity; more than half of second marriages fail; more than half the families in the United States … Continue reading Blended Families: “Growing Up” Together (via Docellie’s Blog)