Reconciliation Day

The advice columnist, Ann Landers, once wrote a column many years ago suggesting "Reconciliation Day" for everyone who had had a misunderstanding with a friend or family member.  Read what happened to a family who tried it out: DEAR ANN: Your column on "Reconciliation Day" changed my life.  But let me start at the beginning. … Continue reading Reconciliation Day

Nine Words That Can Change Your Life

The plot was planned carefully and carried out perfectly. It involved deceit, lies, theft, and betrayal. The behaviors were the product of a narcissistic, prideful, cold, insensitive heart. The results were injury, devastation, anger, and bitterness.  Some died with their broken heart unmended. But the alluring, coveted prize turned to wormwood.  The sweet taste of … Continue reading Nine Words That Can Change Your Life

Finding Peace

Use all your energy in doing things that lead to peace. Driving home after working a twelve hour shift, Lavelle grips the steering wheel and grits his teeth. Of all days for us to be short a man on my crew!  Nothing went right today.  And my back and feet are killing me! Pulling into … Continue reading Finding Peace

Blended Families: “Growing Up” Together (via Docellie’s Blog)

I think everyone will benefit from the ideas in this blog. Everyone is met with the challenges of blended family at some point and at some level in life. Traditional marriage is losing popularity; gay marriage is gaining popularity; more than half of second marriages fail; more than half the families in the United States … Continue reading Blended Families: “Growing Up” Together (via Docellie’s Blog)

My Mother’s Father: A Deliberate and Gentle Life (via Docellie’s Blog)

I ran across this tho'tful blog. It speaks of the power of influence grandparents have. Very fitting for Father's Day. This Father's day, my mind does not go to my late father who literally ran himself into an early grave by overdoing anything and everything he did. God rest his soul; he lived addictively and … Continue reading My Mother’s Father: A Deliberate and Gentle Life (via Docellie’s Blog)


I pull into mother’s driveway, my headlights sweeping the front of her house.  It’s my regular Wednesday night visit to check and see how she is doing. After daddy died ten years earlier, She moved to the town where I live.  My weekly visits are not because she is scared to be alone or is … Continue reading LOVE FINDS A WAY