Where Is God When I Can’t Find Him?

Have you ever felt alone, abandoned even by God?  Or have you questioned why bad things happen to good people?  Are there times you struggle to make sense of world events and the evil that exists in it?  Perhaps you've asked how can God allow unspeakable acts to occur? None of us can escape the … Continue reading Where Is God When I Can’t Find Him?

“You must spare his life.

In the epic battle between God and Satan for your soul, you should remember that it is a rigged fight.  There is nothing fair about it.  Satan is fighting with one arm tied behind his back. When Satan received permission from God to tempt Job to turn away from God, he must have rubbed his … Continue reading “You must spare his life.

It Was His Passion

“The Passion of the Christ.” It is a phrase we hear frequently this time of year.  It is a reference to the trial, torture, crucifixion, death, burial and resurrection of Jesus.  Yet we attach the word “passion” to describe it.  Jesus was passionate?! How could he be passionate about: a riged trial being scourged having … Continue reading It Was His Passion

He Believes In You

The gauntlet was thrown down by Satan; thrown in the face of God. “I know your creation better than you do,” Satan taunts God.  “You think Job is such a wonderful example of humanity, but let him experience trials and he’ll turn his back on you.  He only worships you because he’s had no troubles. … Continue reading He Believes In You

God Is Worthy of Worship

When we open our Bibles to the book of Job, we are introduced to three main characters in the opening verses:  Job, God, and Satan. By listening to what these three say in the first two chapters and observing how they act, we learn a wealth of information that has important implications for us today. … Continue reading God Is Worthy of Worship

The Land of Uz (#2)

What About Satan? (part two) It is in the book of Job that we learn very important things about the nature of Satan and the role he plays in the world.  In my previous article on this topic I made these observations: Satan is accountable to God. Satan is constantly prowling across the earth. He … Continue reading The Land of Uz (#2)


No, that is not a misprint.  It is supposed to be Uz, not Oz. Uz is the ancient land where Job lived.  Yes, that Job.  The one who lost everything. It is in the land of Uz that God pulls back the curtain for us to see how things really work on earth.  He shows … Continue reading THE LAND OF UZ