A Thanksgiving Gathering

{The following is a chapter from my upcoming book "An Unexpected Frost," the third book in the Tucker saga} Thanksgiving morning Tucker comes bustling through the back door carrying an armload of firewood.  Right on her heels, August follows carrying an equally heavy load of wood.  As they pass through the kitchen, the rich smell … Continue reading A Thanksgiving Gathering

Why Not Me?

He had lost everything – everything!  His business, his employees, all his assets, property, even his children.  Yes, children, as in plural.  All dead.  Then he lost his health.  Disease racked his body. Job.  His name is synonymous with suffering.  Has there ever been anyone who has lost as much? I return again and again … Continue reading Why Not Me?

It’s What Made Me Who I Am Today

Many factors influence the makeup of our personality and our station in life.  Genetics, the disposition we are born with, culture, the country we live in, early childhood experiences, education, our childhood caregivers and probably even more factors.  It's a complex issue to try and cipher. I frequently hear people say, after they've talked of … Continue reading It’s What Made Me Who I Am Today

“Is There Any Hope for Me?”

It's one of the most common questions I'm asked during the first session of therapy. Whether it is the couple who is on the verge of divorce, or the individual who suffers from severe bipolar disorder, or the one who has lived a life in addictions, or the person who is trying to find their … Continue reading “Is There Any Hope for Me?”

“When Am I Going to Get Over This?

As Reggie sits across from me I watch him sit forward on the edge of his chair.  His head is bowed.  The frayed and stained Atlanta Braves baseball cap indicates his cap is not for decorations.  It's part of his daily wardrobe, used to keep his eyes shielded from the glaring sun as he works … Continue reading “When Am I Going to Get Over This?

Every Roadblock Has a Bypass

Sitting with my family, eating Sunday dinner (in the South that means the noon meal; the evening meal is supper), there is a knock at the door.  Being an eager eleven year old, I jump up from the table and run to see who has come by at this time of day on a Sunday. … Continue reading Every Roadblock Has a Bypass

Self Improvement or Self Acceptance

Self Acceptance or Self Improvement Climbing the stairs to coach Gibson's office, I wonder what I'm in trouble for.  I grew up in a time when, at age fifteen, you always assumed you were in trouble if you were called to someone's office.  This is in sharp contrast to today's youth who assume they are … Continue reading Self Improvement or Self Acceptance