Anxiety is a LIAR!

DON'T LISTEN to your anxiety—IT'S A LIAR! Anxiety fills your head with all the scariest, darkest, edge-of-the-world possibilities it can imagine. And trust me, it has a very LARGE imagination. The possibilities anxiety presents you with are always prefaced with "What if?" It will wear you out with all of its 'what ifs?'. I'm not … Continue reading Anxiety is a LIAR!

Blended Families: “Growing Up” Together (via Docellie’s Blog)

I think everyone will benefit from the ideas in this blog. Everyone is met with the challenges of blended family at some point and at some level in life. Traditional marriage is losing popularity; gay marriage is gaining popularity; more than half of second marriages fail; more than half the families in the United States … Continue reading Blended Families: “Growing Up” Together (via Docellie’s Blog)