How one question turned into a book

Once I had created the character sketch of Tucker, I couldn't get her out of my mind. I thought about what kinds of experiences would produce such a complex person, and I began making a list based from my experiences as a marriage and family therapist and having listened to stories told from the heart. … Continue reading How one question turned into a book

Who is Tucker?

The most oft-asked question I get asked about my Tucker series is, "Is Tucker a real person?"  I really appreciate the question because it says that my writing has made Tucker so authentic and believable that, to the reader, she seems like a real person.  The truth though is that Tucker is not a story … Continue reading Who is Tucker?

A Thanksgiving Gathering

{The following is a chapter from my upcoming book "An Unexpected Frost," the third book in the Tucker saga} Thanksgiving morning Tucker comes bustling through the back door carrying an armload of firewood.  Right on her heels, August follows carrying an equally heavy load of wood.  As they pass through the kitchen, the rich smell … Continue reading A Thanksgiving Gathering