Recent Reviews of “Tucker’s Way”

[I’m really pleased and excited by some recent reviews of my book “Tucker’s Way.”  If you like stories that are full of unforgettable characters, unexpected twists in the plot, and stories with a tone of hope, you need to read “Tucker’s Way.”  Read below to see what others are saying about the book.  Follow the links on my front page to find where you can purchase it.  – David ]

This is definitely an amazing story! Your characters all have such depth, and I absolutely love Tucker. You have made her so real, and understandably the way she is, due to such a tragic upbringing.

In the first chapter, I saw an eccentric, old woman, keeping to herself with hints of a soft heart inside. Then, as the story unfolds, you reveal secrets from her childhood, that help the reader love this woman even more for what she’s been through. And the way she talks, so simple and straightforward, so many times made me break out in laugher. She’s so endearing. And so protective of her own.

Maisy, her daughter, had a difficult time of it, not understanding her own mother’s pain and reasons for bitterness. Maisy searches for love in her own destructive way, and the cycle continues in the abandonment of her own children and abusive relationships. There is also a story, behind the story, with her.

You have written a very different type of story. This is definitely a stand out, and I enjoyed reading it very much. Your title and book cover are both exactly what I would expect for this story. I wish you the best with this in getting it published. Wonderful work!



“Oh my word, I’m sitting here a mess of tears! This book is going on my shelf!  This is brilliant.

“I’m not even going to try to review this book except to tell you that I love all of your characters, was mesmerized by your story, and that it’s the best Thanksgiving treat (it’s Thanksgiving day here) that I’ve ever had. Six stars and a promised place on my bookshelf!”

with awesome admiration,


“Master storyteller, David Johnson, weaves a tale of two women who are forced to trust each other with their lives. Tucker and Ella come from very different backgrounds and have very little in common. As you get to know them you learn that they share a common chain of abuse and neglect in each of their lives that continues to be a heavy burden to bear. I thoroughly enjoyed this rich Tennessee backwoods saga filled with tears and laughter, heartbreak and hope.”

– Beverly

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