“Tucker’s Way” is NOW in PAPERBACK!

TuckersWay_FINALFor those of you who are “old school” and like the feel of turning pages, the heft of a book in your hand and the smell of printer’s ink you’ll be happy to know that I’ve reached an agreement with Createspace, an Amazon company, to begin printing all of my books.  The first one available is “Tucker’s Way.”

Here are some recent reviews of the book:

You tell this story as if it were an axe with its honed blade wrapped in felt!  Its gritty and raw theme is delivered in a way so that the impact of that blade is slightly cushioned, yet when you absorb what you have read, the prose is both meaningful and pretty shocking – but then this sort of story usually is. This is clever writing. – Margaret Anthony

David, this is just a wonderful look inside the lives of these two women and their lot. Tucker and Ella are great characters and you have brought them to life perfectly. I thought at first it was going to be a heartwarming tale of two very different women and their unlikely friendship, but then I got to chapter three and realized there is so much more to it than that. – Jue Shaw

This is such good characterization it took my breath away. – Andrea Taylor

What an unusual insight into the developing relationship between two very different women, Tucker and Ella. Very well written and a great read. – Sheena McLeod

The book is reasonably priced at $7.95 plus any shipping charges and can be purchased on Amazon

If you would like to own an autographed copy, then send me an email (djohnsonchorus@hotmail.com) or message me via Facebook and I will give you the details of how you can receive one.

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