Reviews of “An Unexpected Frost”

Book Cover

(I am continually amazed and humbled by the response of readers of my books on the life of Tucker.  The books have truly taken on a life of their own.  Below you will find a few touching reviews that have recently been given to the third book in the series, An Unexpected Frost.)

How do I explain how this third book in Tucker’s series affected my life so dramatically?
A character in the novel has to explain to little April that she is terminally ill; something I have heartbreaking memories of my own mother explaining to me, 30 years ago, when I was 8.
Further on, I was again confronted of very similar times of the person being cared for at home and ultimately passing away as my mother did also.
During the dim time of reading of the characters struggles, I also found my heart and soul being lifted by some struggles I had also had with God and my efforts to bring him closer into my life.
Amazingly I found answers to inner turmoils I have carried inside for nearly 15 years through this series and at this moment my soul feels lighter and I can’t praise this series enough.
Having read the 3 books in the series already, I know there is a dark story about to emerge in the fourth book. David Johnson has the ability to present even the most harrowing issues in a manner that helps us to understand the how’s and whys of things, and I eagerly await to read book 4, and hopefully any further books that will be written in the series, in the future. – (Kim)

To describe the three books I have just read in the past 2 days other than…exceptional. I just finished the last book and can only hope, hope, hope that there are more to come. It’s a rare thing when books can move me to tears, but this series has done just that. What a truly inspirational set of books these turned out to be! The only thing missing is the story of March. I fervently hope for at the very least one more book in this series, but would most welcome even more. LOVED EVERY ONE OF THEM!!!! If you like Christian books that aren’t preachy, these are the books for you. If you like books that tell a beautiful story but also have some of the uglier sides to life that make them realistic, these are the books you need to read. Looking forward to more from this author!! – (Tim)

Having read (devoured) Tucker’s Way and For Tucker, I needed to read the third book in this series. Wow! I want to meet these people, and I want them to be my friends. I could learn so much from them. Another great book. My heart was in tears, and sang with joy. How does it do both at the same time? You must read it to find out. My reviews are usually short, so I cannot tempt myself to tell you the surprises in the story. I leave that to the Author, David Johnson. They were hard times, but people faced life with just a little more realism. I have just learned there is another book coming, April’s Rain. It will be mine the second it is released! Thanks for a Great Series, David Johnson!  (Susan)

One of the things in this book that Ella enlightens us with is that you must live life at its fullest every day so you can look back and have no regrets. Ella inspired so many changes in these characters’ lives and received also so many pleasures from them, her true friends. I’m anxious to see in the next book the effects that Tucker’s life has due to finding God. Tucker is a very interesting character that goes from being a brute at the beginning to a very gentle woman by the end of this book. Tissues needed for this one.

(If you’ve not yet tried my books, why not read the first one in the series, Tucker’s Way, which serves as an introduction to this interesting woman and the people in her life.  If you enjoys books with heart, that have characters who are believable, and plots that make them hard to put down, you will enjoy these books.)

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