If Today is My Last Day on Earth

I’m sure you’ve read articles admonishing you to live each day as if it were your last day on earth. In that context, we are oftentimes made to feel guilty for: Fussing at the kids about not picking up their toys Focusing on keeping the house neat and clean Investing so much time in our … Continue reading If Today is My Last Day on Earth

Managing Obliviosity for Couple Harmony | Marriage Transformation®

Ladies, do you think that your husband is oblivious at times (perhaps all the time)?  It's actually a condition that has a name: Obliviosity. Take a look at this examination of the phenomenon. (click on the link below) Managing Obliviosity for Couple Harmony | Marriage Transformation®.

Everything I Know About Marriage I Learned On A Teeter Totter

The playgrounds of my childhood always had two things to play on – a swing and a teeter-totter. The teeter-totter was an extremely long board fitted perpendicular to a piece of large pipe that it pivoted on. The only way to hold on and ride it was to grip the sides of the board. The … Continue reading Everything I Know About Marriage I Learned On A Teeter Totter

The Aftermath of Suicide

Last week was a particularly difficult time for folks in the small town that I live in.  One of the young people in our high school committed suicide.  Yes, I know you hear of things like that everyday on the news, but did you actually know the person who took their life?  In our town … Continue reading The Aftermath of Suicide

Giving your child unfair advantage

This world is a tough place, especially for kids.  If you've made the decision to have a child, I'm confident you want to give them every advantage that you can.  But one of the most important advantages parents can give their children seems to have gotten lost over the last 10+ years. If you want … Continue reading Giving your child unfair advantage

Love Finds A Way

Pulling into mother’s driveway, my headlights sweep across the front of her house.  It’s my regular Wednesday night visit to check and see how she is doing. After daddy died ten years earlier, she moved to the town where I live.  My weekly visits are not because she is scared to be alone or is … Continue reading Love Finds A Way

What You Can Learn About Someone by Going Through Their Trash

"Our trash is our testament; what we throw away says much about our values, habits, and lives."  This is a quote from SAGE's Encyclopedia of Consumption and Waste.  On the website of Drew University's Department of Sociology is this tidbit - "Garbage is the other side of culture. Our garbage and our waste can be … Continue reading What You Can Learn About Someone by Going Through Their Trash

“But I tried my best!”

We looked at each other through the squares in the chain link fence that separated us. Her hazel eyes were swimming in the pool of tears that had collected in her bottom eyelid.  The rising color in her cheeks and the tremble in her voice told me she was right at the edge of coming … Continue reading “But I tried my best!”